Kangaroo Authorized US Reseller Return and Refund Policy

You may return Kangaroo Mfg products to the authorized Amazon reseller who sold it. If the authorized Amazon reseller will not accept the return for whatever reason, Kangaroo Mfg will accept the return under the following circumstances:
- You contact Kangaroo Mfg to request the return within 14 days of purchase: info@kangaroomfg.com
- You purchased the product from a Kangaroo Mfg authorized Amazon reseller who refused to accept the Kangaroo Mfg product return.
- The proof of purchase includes the reseller name and location from where the product was purchased, product purchased, date and purchase price.
- The customer name on the receipt must match the name on the return.
For your protection, and to maintain a valid warranty - all products must be purchased from an authorized Amazon reseller of Kangaroo Mfg products. Our list of authorized Amazon retailers are as follows:
- Yagoozon
- Help Me Rhonda Things
- ItsGreggie
- Apex Mercantile Group
- Splendid Products
- Possibilitarian